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Subject: Emma's Songs
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mrdavid 1.03.11 - 02:58pm
since u cant find ur song pmpl.GIF *

chicxnw 15.06.11 - 06:06am
You hid them well lol *

mrdavid 15.06.11 - 06:58am
lol i did tell u were i put them Mrd 2 - Topics. *

mrdavid 23.06.11 - 03:12am
http://files.zipsites.ru/audio/music/Top%201000%20Of%20The%20Last%2030%20Years/0810%20-%20Maxi%20Priest%20-%20Close%20To%20You.mp3 Maxi Priest - Close To You *

chicxnw 26.06.11 - 11:47am
Dont need keep now just for me but thanks agen *

mizzmobi 16.03.13 - 10:45am
Hi mr its chicx -aka ema lol if you remember me hope your doing good enjoy the wkend *

mrdavid 17.03.13 - 03:46am
hey hope your doing good mrs x *

mizzmobi 17.03.13 - 11:02am
Iv not bin on that long im bit lost wot do i do were am going ha ha im the the BIG 40 in 3wks ha ha im clueless if u did my request were do i look lol sarah connor ft neyo yeah ok am stil a dumb fka ha ha hows you *

mrdavid 20.06.13 - 07:25am
Al try.... meanwhile check files *

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