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Subject: Ali Farka Toure
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mrdavid 25.04.12 - 10:53pm
By Request! *

mrdavid 25.04.12 - 10:59pm

http://eyewitnessphoto.net/chunes/Gomni.mp3 Gomni

http://ghostmedia.typepad.com/ghost_media/files/12_pieter_botha.mp3 Pieter Botha

http://diogene.ch/mp3/danecker/Ali%20farka%20toure.mp3 Piste


mrdavid 26.04.12 - 06:50pm

http://fredfred.net/skriker/download/music/Ali_Farka_Toure-Diaraby.mp3 Diaraby

http://cileclic.blogspirit.com/files/02_-_Soukora.mp3 Soukoradeclare.GIF

http://earitnow.com/mattjames83/06%20Penda%20Yoro.mp3 Penda Yoro


mab21 27.04.12 - 12:33pm
What kind of music is this? *

mrdavid 27.04.12 - 08:26pm

Was an african singer/guitarist from Mali. He mingled Malian music with North American Blues, Toure Was also Ranked No 76 in the Rolling Stones list Of 100 greatest guitarists of all time! More to come soon. *

mab21 28.04.12 - 12:19pm
he sounds good but not my thing.dancing.GIF *

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