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Subject: house party playlist
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ladyfluf 29.03.15 - 02:11am
Hiii everyone!Hello.GIF SO I'm throwing a house party next week saturday. I'm trying to come up with a playlist, BUT my mind struck a TOTAL blank! Any suggestions of songs to play? The ages of my guest list are from 21 to 35.(Don't judge me I will eat you) we're into anything with a good shake your booty twerk twerk beat that you can dance to. Lol! Thanks in advance!! (s*xy2) *

ladyfluf 29.03.15 - 10:08am
(s*xy2) ha! *

ladyfluf 29.03.15 - 10:09am
Okay so that aint working :? *

mrdavid 29.03.15 - 11:48am
Hello ms fluf..lol paolo nutini n bob marley to start the party off....2thumbsup.GIF *

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